AMA with Donald Bickel

An Exclusive AMA on Advanced Azure Cloud Implementation

With Donald Bickel, February 13, from 12pm-1pm EST

Join Us February 13

You’re invited to an exclusive Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with MercuryWorks Partner, Donald Bickel.


Join us, February 13, 12pm~1pm EST where Donald will dive deep into the secrets of building a rock-solid, agile Azure application infrastructure for your most demanding applications.


Our focus is on deploying and operating infrastructure for cloud applications. This AMA will be your guide to building the backbone of your Azure application success.


Get your questions ready and we’ll see you there!  

This AMA Will

  • Help you plan your application migration to Azure optimize your existing setup.
  • Save you time so you get it right the first time.
  • Answer why you may be having issues with an existing instance.
  • Show you the flexibility and power of Infrastructure as Code.
  • Support you through building agile, adaptable cloud environments for your applications.
  • Answer your burning questions about Azure implementation.