DevOps Services

Automation for builds and releases

Our Custom Software Solutions

Consistent Processes

DevOps takes the “one person who knows how to build that app” out of the equation by letting the cloud do the work

Continuous Delivery

Automated pipelines and testing create a more agile, productive development and quicker time to release

More Transparency

More opportunities for feedback and iteration throughout the development process offer better outcomes (and no surprises) at delivery

Ability to Scale

Operating in automated, cloud-based environments and infrastructures means it’s easy to scale when you need (and only pay for what you use).

Our DevOps Process

DevOps encompasses a broad range of specialties while fitting into value chains of software development and business planning.  The following are the core components MercuryWorks applies when building software:

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The beginning of a solid DevOps strategy, planning involves assessing current resources, evaluating and choosing between full cloud infrastructure or cloud platform models for your business needs, and infrastructure sizing/high availability (HA) planning for scaling.

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Implementing infrastructure as code with versioned scripts, automating software builds and implementation of data migration scripts

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Automated testing is built into every stage of the deployment pipeline, including unit, integration and functional testing, quality checks and conditional/gate failures.

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Where the rubber meets the road on a successful build, release is the actual automated deploy to cloud infrastructure, along with verification.

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Ongoing monitoring, automated monitoring with triggered alerts, auto-failovers, auto-scaling and consumption observation maximize uptime and anticipate future problems for continuous improvement and iteration.


DevOps Services in the Real World

Sound like how you want your software built? Contact Us

Then you want MercuryWorks to build your next application, improve your in-house deployment practices or move your manual builds and releases to the cloud. Whether using Azure or Amazon Web Services, Azure DevOps or GitLab, we’ve got you covered. We will help you decide if DevOps services are a good fit.

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