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We solve wicked problems.

We like to work with people and organizations who have ambitious missions. We specialize in solving technically difficult projects and, once we’ve worked with a client and met their most urgent and immediate needs, we continue to work with them for their long-term, ongoing, evolving support and development.


Custom is What We Do.

We are a custom web application development company specializing in web, mobile and data focused solutions. This includes the Strategy, Architecture, Design, Development, DevOps and Ongoing Support needed to succeed online today and in the future.

About MercuryWorks - Web Application Development Company

For over 25 years MercuryWorks has been helping Business Leaders identify pragmatic solutions to improve profitability and IT Leaders solve their most complex and difficult problems. This can be as straightforward as custom web application development, intranet development and mobile solutions or full-blown data integration, workflow management and business intelligence. Oftentimes we’re brought in to provide specialized expertise and other times clients rely upon us to help them with resource constraints and bottlenecks getting in the way of their development success. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Application Development, Cloud Platform and Application Integration Partner we work with global, national and regional clients across the US to develop web solutions that deliver results. Consistently shipping great digital product, customized solutions tightly aligned with business needs and zealous service allow us to forge our long-standing passionate client relationships.

We Take Client Services Seriously

Professional services firms have to tread through all of the problems that internal professionals cover but have to do it for multiple clients, in multiple industries and do it so well that their customers pay them actual cash (not just internal “funny money”).

In the parlance of Harvard Business School, MercuryWorks has carved out two typical engagement types and set client expectations accordingly:

  • gray-hair practice provides seasoned counsel based on extensive built-up experience​​​​
  • rocket science practice addresses idiosyncratic, bet-the-company problems that require deep expertise and creative problem-solving

Performing in this mode on a regular basis is no easy feat – and keeping a smile on your face the whole time to show the client that you’re doing it with style and grace is double hard.  But trust me, when you do it right, there’s nothing like it!  And it never gets stale.

We practice upper AND lower case agile.

Mercury operates fully Agile to ensure we consistently design, develop and deliver applications that delight and endure. Above any specific framework or methodology, though, we understand where textbooks and the real world collide – when it’s a tie between being Agile and agile, we go agile. Following Scrum allows us to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we are delivering what they truly want instead of just a list of unproven features and needs.


A selection of our industry experience.

Following Scrum allows us to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we are delivering what they truly want instead of just a list of unproven features and needs.


The best of the best.

Noted by our clients as giving that “little extra”, we seek to ship customized solutions, build sustained client relationships and deliver strategic counsel with zealous service.

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