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Microsoft Azure Strategy Planning

Microsoft Azure Strategy Planning

Your Microsoft Azure cloud success relies on an informed and targeted roadmap – just spinning up cloud resources to find out what happens is not an approach that will suit you for longer than a week or two.  MercuryWorks commits the time to develop a methodical and actionable cloud strategy that meets your business “jobs to be done” – both in the now and the future.

The resulting plan prescribes optimal Microsoft Azure services and a means to deploy them both following best practices and providing a scalable structure.  Our design practices leverage automated and repeatable architectures to meet your needs, today and tomorrow.

Keep in mind – if you are already resident in Azure, we are also skilled at evaluating existing architectures and recommending improvements, expansion and/or upgrade to new Microsoft Azure services.


Our main strategic lenses

When developing your Microsoft Azure infrastructure strategy, we are mindful of a huge number of factors; the most among them are performance, reliability, security and cost.  Performance, reliability and security of your cloud infrastructure is not a given!


Azure provides a wide range of scalable services and we can help use these services and tune your workloads for maximum performance.  You can count on our consultants for a broad range of services to help you scale and optimize performance, improve security and more.


Azure provides robust services for high availability and disaster recovery and this element plays an important role in the services we design for your workloads.  Factoring reliability into your recommended architecture is a paramount consideration along with a full balance between reliability level and cost.


Azure provides a wide range of services for security and our guidance on cloud security is also a primary lens we look through when designing your cloud workloads.  We outline recommendations for a cloud security plan to help move your workloads to Azure.


Azure can be highly cost-effective in comparison to large long-term on-premises investments – but it can also be expensive if not planned carefully.  Our Azure consultants tune your implemented services and sizes to meet your applications’ demands to get the most out of your cloud spend.

Azure Implementation

Whether we are working with a design plan we have developed or a client-provided architecture, standing up Microsoft Azure infrastructure properly is a key determinant of future success.

Our team uses Azure Bicep to script the creation of cloud infrastructures in a repeatable Infrastructure as Code (IaC) fashion.  By applying the declarative model, our engineers turn enterprise infrastructures into code that is versioned and can be easily reconfigured and duplicated.

Configuring your Microsoft Azure tenant as a DevOps environment as part of our IaC methodology is a paired offering.  This enterprise agility provides greater flexibility than more legacy methods and makes infrastructure modification, replication and upgrade easy – and highly trackable.

Our solutions handshake cleanly into DevOps strategies and CI/CD pipelines for new product development, deployment and continuous updates.

Azure Implementation services
Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure Operations

Our Microsoft Azure services are not limited to planning and implementation – ongoing maintenance support and monitoring of your Azure infrastructure environments are also primary MercuryWorks Azure services.  In managing your Azure assets, we also introduce more effective ways of managing your cloud-deployed solutions.

Alerting, monitoring, reporting of operations is central to managed Azure management along with action-oriented responses to outages and application performance problems.

Stress-free professional Azure administration also encompasses any platform customization and application deployment challenges, if appropriate, as well as operational support systems to resolve issues.

Cloud Cost Management

Azure can be cost-effective compared to large on-premises CapEx and OpEx expenditures, but it can also be expensive if left unchecked.  Managing costs is a challenge for organizations: you are billed continuously as consumption occurs and bill shock can often occur in the form of cloud bills that you can’t explain, let alone identify drivers.

MercuryWorks’ cloud cost management methodology makes cloud costs less impenetrable and also help clients initiate a cultural shift to make internal cloud consumers accountable for their spend.  We oversee the cost-effective scaling of services to meet operational demand and anticipate future financial impacts of increased application demand.

MercuryWorks uncovers areas of opportunity for cloud savings, make recommendations on an ongoing basis and act on cost optimizations to manage your spend.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Cost Management

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