Service Module

Elevated client service via My MercuryWorks


A single point of request for service

With My MercuryWorks’ Service Module, MercuryWorks provides a full service catalog and tracking system for all clients.  Using My MercuryWorks, clients can report problems, request work and ask questions, check on status and provide ad hoc input.

Types of Services In Our Catalog

Problem Ticket
For performance dips or feature breaks.  Severity levels: Critical (operations have significant loss/degradation), Moderate (operations continue but are impaired) and Minimal (operations function minor impediments).

For times when a client needs a task executed; tasks come with severity, recognizing there are potentially urgent tasks that need to be carried out.

Request Feature
Select “Request A Feature” when you have an entirely new feature or addition to an existing feature to discuss.

UAT Issue
Select “Report UAT Issue” when you are in active user acceptance testing and have an issue needing resolution.

Software Release
Clients can request a release when they approve of resolved bug fixes or feature additions and would like to get them out into the field.

General Inquiry
Select “General Inquiry” when you have a question or information need that doesn’t fit any of the other categories.

Submitting a Service Request

With our Service module, our clients now have one place to go to request service – My MercuryWorks.  From the Requests screen (or even the “Help” button in the lower right of any page), click “Requests” New Request to access the request screen.

Users will experience varying form inputs based on the kind of service you are requesting.  Also, certain inputs trigger additional inputs – for instance, a Critical Problem Ticket will ask for reproduction steps and expected application performance.

Checking on Service Progress

Clients can check on and provide input on any service request as it progresses.  Clients can visit the “Requests” page to view a filterable list of all service requests and their status – from any selected ticket, users can interact with each ticket to submit comments, ask for an update or upload files.

As service tickets are updated, anyone at your company on the ticket will receive email updates on status up to and including verification that the service request has been fulfilled.  With My MercuryWorks, we leave no question to what is happening with your service needs.