Backlog Visibility

The only useful backlog is a shared backlog


We practice upper case Agile and lower case agile

We believe not just in Agile and Scrum but more importantly, professional Agile.  In our view that includes being real-world “agile” and also working collaboratively and in the sunshine with what is really our shared backlog and work plan – with My MercuryWorks.

Viewing the Backlog

This is the first must for effective Agile collaboration – My MercuryWorks enables clients to view and drill into their product backlog at any time.  The My MercuryWorks view enables clients to drill down from Epic to Feature and into User Story details and includes the ability to view details like Effort and Acceptance Criteria for each user story.

Collaborating On User Stories

If you’re deeply invested in your backlog, just viewing it is often just not enough to scratch your creator itch.  For this reason, we expose collaboration capabilities in My MercuryWorks so you can suggest updates to story acceptance criteria, provide helpful reference documents and even suggest new user stories.

Viewing the Sprint Board

Not only are MercuryWorks clients empowered to collaborate on their product backlog using My MercuryWorks, they can also peek in on real-time story status and progress for the sprint!

My MercuryWorks integrates in real-time with our Azure DevOps Agile backlog service.  As engineers begin work on story tasks and delivery leads complete stories, you’ll see that reflected in My MercuryWorks.