Application Development Services

Creating custom software to solve wicked problems.

Relying on out-of-the-box software that doesn’t fit your needs can directly impact your bottom line—from productivity to sales to customer and employee satisfaction. For 25 years, MercuryWorks has been helping top businesses succeed through custom application development services.

Our Custom Software Solutions

Web Applications

MercuryWorks specializes in custom application development services. We make web applications that are fast, beautiful, powerful, and lightweight, solving your biggest business problems and reducing technical debt over time.

B2B & B2C

MercuryWorks provides robust business solutions that an out-of-the-box vanilla CMS just can’t. Our enterprise websites combine our strength in custom web application development with the publishing power of cloud-based content management systems.

Intelligence & Automation

Successful process automation can make the difference between a scalable business and one that struggles to keep the lights on. Using low-code and full-code technologies, MercuryWorks makes business process automation and BI delivery work.

Our Application Development Process

We have designed and developed thousands of web applications and websites to meet our clients’ diverse and demanding business needs with an eye towards future growth. Our five-step process sets us apart as a true partner in application development.



Schedule an appointment to discuss your current business problems and learn if MercuryWorks is the right fit as your web application development company.



MercuryWorks researches and defines your problem space’s value stream, understanding key jobs to be done, business context, and priorities.



Combining product vision, technical architecture, interface design, and business priorities, MercuryWorks develops a high-level roadmap and detailed strategic plan for your custom software MVP and potential follow-on phases.



Following Scrum and Agile best practices, our experts work collaboratively with you throughout the development and design process, creating a product that delivers what your company truly wants and needs.



Deeply committed to knowledge transfer, we work with you throughout onboarding to empower your team and share openly how your new software works. We also offer ongoing support through our client Support Portal to help make your support experience easy and efficient.

Our Technology

We’re flexible and innovative when it comes to choosing the right tools for each business problem. Here are some key application development technologies we often apply when constructing an application:

Html and css combined logos


In its modern incarnation, HTML and CSS are world-class and universally-accessible interface delivery platforms for desktop, tablet and phone.


Modern JavaScript, its associated frameworks (we’re looking at you React) and abetted by TypeScript brings rich interactivity and real-time interface rendering.

.NET Core

.NET Core’s open source enterprise application platform provides enterprise-level data access and API construction to Mercury’s application development services.


Whether delivered by Azure PaaS SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server on an AWS VM, MySQL or PostgreSQL, some variety of structured query language is our weapon of choice for data storage and manipulation.

Cloud based technology


Almost all MercuryWorks applications are built with a cloud-based architecture and deployment vector, most commonly Azure or AWS.


Our Custom Software in the Real World

Sound like the way you want your custom software built? Let's Chat

Then you want MercuryWorks to build your next application or key business system. Based in the Tampa Bay area, we work with companies both locally and worldwide to build better software. Whether your need centers around web applications, mobile applications or the process automation space, we’ve got you covered.

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