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Ecommerce Platform for the Alcohol Retailer Industry

SevenFifty's online marketplace and communications platform helps importers, producers, distributors and retail buyers conduct business in a modern world

The Overview

SevenFifty is a SaaS-based technology and data services company that specializes in data, insights and trends in the beverage alcohol industry. Their online marketplace and communications platform helps importers, producers, distributors and retail buyers connect with each other and do business in a modern world.

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    .NET, App Development, React




SevenFifty, after a series of acquisitions and organic growth, needed to integrate, enhance and scale-out an ecommerce platform for beverage alcohol off-premises retailers. Having a scalable and robust SaaS solution for retailers that could be quickly and easily adopted was vital to SevenFifty.




The MercuryWorks team built upon legacy schemas and APIs to yield a new scalable architecture informed by prior industry best practices. This new Progressive Web Application (PWA)-based architecture was comprised of a multitenant ecommerce platform and administrative suite.




A new ecommerce platform with instant set-up, seamless inventory management and a superior shopping experience across devices–all powered by SevenFifty’s comprehensive product database. Retailers, who previously lacked an online ordering platform and web presence, have quickly and successfully launched sites to allow customers to view inventory, take advantage of promotions and discounts and place orders with ease.

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App Features

Sevenfifty browse screen


Browse Stores

Customers can browse and search for a Retailer’s adult beverage products to purchase online. The Retailer can highlight products through hero banners, carousels, custom menu items and promotions. With near real-time inventory synchronization between the Retailer’s inventory system and the product catalog, customers can be assured that what they are purchasing is in stock.

Sevenfifty checkout page


Cart and Checkout

A Customer can add items to the cart and be assured that their cart will still be there when they come back later to checkout or modify their cart. The checkout process is easy and fully integrated with Stripe to ensure for safe and secure processing of credit card information.

Sevenfifty store locator


Store Locator

Customers can easily locate a Retailer’s store through the Store Locator page, which allows for searching by zip code or city. An interactive map shows the location of the store as well. Once the customer has located and selected their preferred store, they can begin shopping all products at that store.

Sevenfifty theme customizer


Create and Brand Storefronts

Retailers can add as many stores to their site as they want and customize many parts of their website, including logos, mobile device application icon, site colors and fonts, social media links, header, footer, product carousels and menu items.

Sevenfifty promotions screen


Promotions and Discounts

Retailers can create as many promotions and discounts as they would like. Promotions and Discounts can be fixed amount, fixed percentage, free delivery or BOGO and can apply to the entire order, specific categories, or specific products.

Sevenfifty orders screen


Order Management

Retailers can easily view and manage all orders and manage order workflow through the fulfillment process (as customers are automatically emailed as their order progresses to fulfillment). Synchronization with Stripe ensures that all proceeds are deposited to the Retailer’s account and cancellations are refunded.

"Engaging MercuryWorks has easily been one of our best investments. MercuryWorks’ expertise and accessibility made them a natural extension of our team – offering guidance, ongoing support and consistently delivering on time. The resulting interest across the industry has led to unprecedented growth in our user base (seriously, we can’t onboard them fast enough!)."

Jessica Daugherty

Growth Director, SevenFifty

Behind The Curtain

Core Technology

React framework


The React JavaScript framework provides the UI base for the entire system, providing rapid and smooth data fetching, storage and screen painting. Combined with a progressive web application base, React provides the smooth and rapid UI interactions for customers and company administrative functions.

Amazon web services


Provides database storage, web app and web services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide an ideal solution for highly scalable web applications with a multi-data center Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud infrastructure.

Dot net framework - Services

.NET Framework

C# and Entity Framework were used to implement business logic, data marshaling and APIs. Supporting use of modern CSS and JavaScript provided interaction and responsive display.