Progress Reporting

Professional management and status updates


Updates on software progress every sprint

Agile and professional service success comes from transparency coupled to vigilant management – we target software development progress to be commensurate with cost.  In that spirit, we deliver Progress Reports at the completion of each Scrum sprint.

Spend, Progress and Agile Story Completion

At the conclusion of each sprint, MercuryWorks delivery leads assemble succinct summaries of the progress made during the just-closed sprint along with preliminary plans for the following sprint.  Every progress report begins with a summary of budget expenditure during the sprint along with the professional service hours that went into the budget use.  Even more importantly, this “spend” data is put in context by the number of user stories the team completed during the sprint during that time.

Sprint Accomplishments

While the top-level quantification of user story completion is helpful (and gives a sense of the closed sprint), the “Sprint Accomplishments” section of each progress report provides a detailed list of what each of the user stories that were completed during the sprint.

The set of completed user stories can vary from those predicted in the “Planned for Next Sprint” list provided in the previous because of ad hoc service requests during the sprint or necessary direction changes during the sprint to meet the sprint goal.

Planned for Next Sprint

Finally, at end of each progress report is a detailed rundown of the work placed in the next sprint.  Naturally, the final set of user stories for the sprint could vary from this initial plan but this is the set of stories that will be refined and ideally pulled for execution in the coming sprint planning session.