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Depending on out-of-date systems for mission-critical business operations exposes your organization to significant liabilities—security holes, compromised performance and lost efficiencies only begin to scratch the surface of serious business costs.

Four Signs You’re Ready for a Software Upgrade

You may be suffering from a high-level of technical debt if:

Progressive Web Application
Minor Changes Require Time

You have determined that you need to add two simple fields to your application; your development team greets you with pained looks and racks several days of work to make the change.

Code Updates Lead to Bugs

During the addition of the “two simple fields”, three reports break and the data update feature breaks. Seemingly unrelated features regress to broken states for no apparent reason.

Bug Fixes Demand Outsized Effort

Support staff notes that your application is rendering a key screen poorly on smartphones. The bug takes three days, your team is putting in excessive late hours to fix it, and senior dev staff must be called in.

Slow Application Performance

You use your app for day-to-day work, and the slowdown from how it worked a year ago is palpable. Workarounds mount and inefficient legacy code dominates the application, bringing it to a crawl.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are several classic signs of legacy software suffering from a high level of technical debt:

Does modernization mean starting from scratch or can I keep some of my existing application?

Every legacy system is different, but there is often one tier (often the data tier) that can be kept and evolved. From time to time more is possible depending on your needs and budget. At MercuryWorks, we’ll work with you through the discovery and assessment phases to minimize reinventing the wheel. If there are parts that are working well in your current application, they can definitely stay.

How can a large software application be modernized in phases while the legacy system is still in use?

We incrementally migrate legacy systems one piece at a time using the enterprise Strangler Pattern.  We pilot the modernized incremental portion of the system, get feedback and ensure its stability.  We then strangle out the next module/feature and repeat the process.  As features from the legacy system are replaced, the new system eventually replaces all of the old system’s features and the legacy system shrinks in size until you decommission it.

How does a modernized application help prevent future technical debt?

First, we can rearchitect a monolithic legacy application into smaller, independent units called microservices, which carry out functions independently. This reduces time for maintenance and troubleshooting and makes adding features easier moving forward. Second, legacy systems often don’t allow for modern test automation. During the modernization process, we implement unit and integration tests so you’ll know right away when you break something in the future.

Our existing application is only usable on a desktop. Can our modernized application work on mobile devices?

Yes.  More than likely your existing application was constructed before responsive web development (RWD) and/or progressive web apps (PWAs) were the norm or before your prior software team was skilled in their use.  All MercuryWorks development utilizes RWD interface construction techniques; your modernized application will work on a range of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Application modernization services and benefits

Every legacy application and every business problem is different. Our application upgrade process is designed to customize your solution to fix the wicked problems that matter the most. However, here are a few direct benefits you can expect to see from MercuryWorks’ application modernization services.

React Development - Application Modernization Services
Better User Experience

Users will be more effective and enjoy modern design and UI features. Modern UI elements provide capabilities legacy tech can't.

React Development Services - .NET Development - Application Modernization Services
Improved Performance

Improved responsiveness and less time on long-running tasks will enable users to get their jobs done much quicker

React Development Services - Application Modernization Services
Works On All Devices

A modern responsive web design will make your application functional on desktops, phones, and tablets – meeting your users where they live

.NET Development - Application Modernization Services
Lighter Lift for Dev Teams

Less technical debt and more automated testing makes for a predictable application and a happier development team


Application Modernization Services

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Reach out to MercuryWorks and we’ll help you decide if we’re a good fit for your application modernization project. With careful analysis and prudent technical research, we will put together a plan to refresh and refit your key custom software. Whether you’re saddled with legacy technology, large technical debt or on-premises systems in need of refitting for the cloud, we’ve got you covered.

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