Our client portal adds the My to MercuryWorks

Client Portal

Budgetary Control and Reporting

Success in software product development is a mix of technical excellence, astute product management and effective cost management.  From a dashboard that visualizes software development progress compared to spend to work completion, My MercuryWorks provides update-to-date budgetary information.

A Single Point of Request for Service

We provide a complete service catalog and tracking system for clients with the My MercuryWorks’ Service Module.  Clients can report problems, request work and ask questions, check on status and provide ad hoc input.  Client staff can interact with each ticket to submit comments, ask for an update or upload files as you have done in the past for trouble tickets.

Client Portal

Updates On Software Progress Every Sprint

Software development success comes from transparency and a vigilant watch on progress.  In that spirit, we deliver progress reports at the completion of each Scrum sprint to highlight budget expenditure and accomplishments during the recent sprint.

Backlog Collaboration

We believe in not only Agile and Scrum but more importantly, professional Agile. In our view that includes being real-world “agile” and working collaboratively with our clients on their backlog, user story details like acceptance criteria and an environment that fosters superior development progress.

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