What makes a Mercury engagement a success?

Working Protocols and Expectations


With Scrum we approach software development one small piece at a time while offering transparency and agility.  Each sprint we break down large tasks into individual requirements, or user stories, that together make up the features and functionality of a product.

Mercury implements Scrum with the following characteristics and benefits:

  • Regular development cycles or “Sprints”
  • Requirements expressed through “User Stories”
  • High visibility of progress
  • Frequent reviews and feedback
  • Adapts to changes in priorities or information
  • Lower project overhead
Client Portal

Budgetary Control and Reporting

MercuryWorks automation tracks professionals’ time on each user story as work is performed.  Furthermore, delivery leads review team member expended time at the close of each sprint and observe remaining planned work against overall project budget.  In this manner we can ensure optimal budget utilization and produce software with ROI.

On top of Mercury staff oversight and management, we provide real time client visibility into project status via My MercuryWorks.  Clients can view budget, user story completion and progress against planned work at any time.