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Making Microsoft 365 solve wicked problems

Microsoft 365 is the premier cloud-based platform for digital collaboration, knowledge worker enablement and enhanced employee productivity.  Life is too short to manage your own file and mail servers, to have shadow IT for external sharing and chat – and even to run your own phone system.

Microsoft 365 Strategy Formulation

Digital Business Strategy Formulation

Shadow IT is highly present throughout corporations in the form of homegrown Slack subscriptions, Box file storage and many other SaaS services.  Storing organizational information outside of enterprise IT control is not only extraordinarily difficult to manage, it is a huge risk.

Microsoft 365 is eminently qualified to provide an end-to-end solution for organization collaboration, content authoring and information storage.  However, simply creating a subscription for your organization won’t instantly change your business into a highly connected and efficient organization.  A concerted strategy is a key prerequisite for an organized business productivity operating system.

MercuryWorks advises clients to plan their business productivity footprint and provide your organization with connected versions of the business software they’ve used for years.  License requirements, large-scale file migration and formulation of pragmatic governance plans are all table stakes.

Uplift to the Cloud

Following strategy formulation, MercuryWorks executes and implements Microsoft 365 tenant construction to take a company from an on-premises infrastructure/Shadow IT arrangement to a governed and organized information system.  Constructing sensical information architectures, translating on-prem file shares to cloud storage along with real-time collaboration and messaging with Teams planning and implementation are all things we do.

MercuryWorks caps off implementation with base SharePoint intranet construction and coordination across the plethora of ancillary services such as To Do, Planner and OneNote.  If you’ve struggled with the many choices and levers of Microsoft 365 implementation, MercuryWorks can help!

Uplift to Microsoft 365

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MercuryWorks is a Microsoft Gold-certified Partner that offers expert consulting services to optimize use of the Microsoft 365 platform.  Our experience with Microsoft Cloud means that for more than a decade means we can help elevate your business operations into a successful cloud-centered digital landscape.

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