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  • "As a business owner, finding the right technology partner is crucial for success. MercuryWorks quickly identified functional gaps and immediately started working against a clear and detailed plan. Their expertise with the latest technology is impressive and they suggested several improvements that resulted in an efficient and effective solution."

    Brian Thornton, President/CEO

    Insurance Services Group

  • "What a fantastic solution! Our new IT automated provisioning system has proven to be such a core part of our operations. Thank you MercuryWorks for both bridging the business and technology elements but also delivering a rock-solid IT system."

    Ray Wright, Chief Information Officer

    Eckerd Connects

  • "MercuryWorks has been a delight to work with. We knew going into this that some sort of technology automation would be key, but we didn’t even contemplate the process review and rationalizing that we needed. We are nothing less than amazed at the improvement to our flow of business!"


Microsoft Power Platform Services - .NET Development

Business Process Automation

As software demand explodes, today’s rapidly changing business needs require lightweight, low-code solutions.  Power Platform brings a middle ground between off-the-shelf solutions that don’t fit your needs and large full-code software projects.  Leveraging 700+ connected experiences (including Salesforce, DocuSign and SAP) and the Microsoft collaboration suite, MercuryWorks staff can rapidly construct custom automation solutions for business applications.

Business process automation provides a way for staff to get work done in a consistent way – automate tasks and business processes, speed up repetitive tasks and bring consistency to complicated business operations.  Their streamlined user experiences enable users to simply “get their job done”.

Business Intelligence

Power BI enables enterprises to more easily transform data into insights, whether using internal system data, external date or internal data warehouses.

Connect to multiple data sources

Data is stored in a lot of places throughout an organization. From Azure to Oracle to AWS, Power BI centralizes those systems into a single source of truth.

Create live, interactive reports and dashboards

Data visualization (finally) made easy. Using Power BI, MercuryWorks can liberate data onto dashboards that put everyone on the same page

Make informed, empowered business decisions

Easier, better decision making comes from crystal clear data. Gain the actionable insight you need to support critical judgment calls.

Microsoft Power Platform Services

Productivity Acceleration

Power Apps turns data into a usable, interactive interface that surfaces data from Power BI and plugs in with Power Automate to trigger business flows.  Tapping into MercuryWorks’ Microsoft Power Platform Services and expertise in strategic business growth, the possibilities for what you can achieve with Power Apps interfaces are endless.

Automate time-sucking business processes

Combine a multitude of application workflows (think SAP, Workday, and Office 365) into a single screen

Promote transparency across departments

Promote better communication across different teams by integrating key platforms like Salesforce and Jira

Streamline common cross-team activities

Create friction-free processes like onboarding employees across HR, IT and management all in one application


Enterprise data and auditing for applications

Dataverse is Microsoft’s Power Platform-tuned data storage and management platform. In addition to providing a robust data storehouse, Dataverse is a cornerstone business rules layer with tight interconnections throughout the Power Platform.


Microsoft created Microsoft Lists as a full Microsoft 365 citizen with a primary target being a highly-approachable creation experience for business users. However, there are definite limits to the practical use of Lists for enterprise applications, capacity being one of the primary limitations. Enter Dataverse.

Data modeling and management in Dataverse looks and feels VERY similar to Microsoft Lists. However, Dataverse’s underpinnings are in fact SQL Server; Dataverse won’t run you into the performance problems and limits that you may have experienced with Lists.


With Dataverse, you can basically “draw” the business rules and relationships between tables (including if..then…else logic) and then everything you build atop Dataverse inherits and imposes those rules (no hand-rolling custom validation in a Canvas Power App). The development reduction and increased consistency in business function from this architecture is immense.


Dataverse has added another kind of Power App – the Model-driven App. Model-driven Apps generally require less coding than Canvas Apps and stand upon the built-in Dataverse relationships and business rules that connect tables together and impose them in the resulting user interface.

Model-driven apps are especially well suited to process-driven apps that are data dense and make it easy for users to move between related records in a business process (such as onboarding a new employee).


Data auditing and compliance is traditionally an area of large IT budget spend and also a major time sink during the development of full-code solutions. Either third-party auditing systems are put in place or teams commit extensive development time creating auditing routines and reporting.

With Dataverse, data auditing and compliance is built into your Power Platform solution. The date, time, identity, “before” and “after” value of each change in data is tracked in each Dataverse data record’s Audit History tab.

Small-scale Software Applications

We’re consistently seeing huge demand for low-code strategies to help address and expedite software development and integration.

Over 65% of organizations have an unserved software development backlog.

With over 700 built-in SaaS integrations, the Microsoft Power Platform allows “citizen developers” to build applications that streamline their work lives. At MercuryWorks, our Microsoft Power Platform services give us the opportunity to supplement our builds with high-powered automation, better business intelligence, and greater productivity.

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