IT Access Request and Fulfillment Automation

SOX-compliant system to automate IT access and software requests, from request to approval to fulfillment

The Overview

The Verano IT Service system is used by line level employees to request access to IT systems, provision software and request SaaS subscriptions. Approval requests, handling and fulfillment tasking are routed by automated agents without any involvement by the requester nor IT staff. IT Service is a Power Platform solution predominantly powered by Power Apps and Power Automate Flows and is accessible to all employees via a company SharePoint intranet page.

  • Client

    Verano Holdings

  • Industry

    Manufacturing and Retail

  • Technology

    Microsoft Cloud, Power Platform




A large and growing company, Verano Holdings operates multiple brands, retail locations and an employee base spread across North America – and they are expanding at a rapid rate.  Keeping up with new employee onboarding, software requests and system access requests is difficult in such a vibrant environment where execution misses lead to lost opportunity.  Verano approached MercuryWorks to develop a system to automate their request and fulfillment process at scale while providing Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.




The resulting IT request form enables any employee to place requests for Verano-approved software and system access.  Each request is routed to the appropriate functional area approver and then approved or rejected based on company policy.  If approved, fulfillment details are routed to IT operations staff and tracked in a provisioning Planner; when fulfilled, the requester is notified and the request is closed.  A small portfolio of Power Automate Flows glue the overall process flow together and provide the “invisible hand” that elevates IT Service above human-driven methods.




IT Service is currently rolling out throughout Verano and reducing the IT tracking and management workload while improving service access to employees and fulfillment accuracy.  Model-driven Power Apps stand upon the customized Dataverse business rules that model the fulfillment process to impose interface input rules and resulting Power Automate Flow execution.  System administrators can easily manipulate the software and systems users can request along with approver and fulfiller rules without changes to code while Power BI reporting surfaces activity data to managers.

Dig In

App Features


Enterprise Ready

As a publicly-traded company, Verano is subject to vast regulations that require systems to meet a high level of enterprise requirements including availability, integrity, security and auditing.  To serve such a broad customer base, keep production facilities running reliably and empower a vast employee base, scale and reliability are paramount requirements.  Enter Microsoft’s Power Platform and MercuryWorks implementation services to cover the enterprise requirements and operate reliably in the cloud.


Auditing and Compliance

Data auditing and compliance is traditionally a large IT budget allocation and a major time sink during the development of full-code solutions.  Either third-party auditing systems are put in place or teams commit extensive development time creating auditing routines and reporting (oftentimes the utterance of the acronym “SOX” will bring a tear to engineering managers).  With the use of Microsoft Dataverse and the Power Platform, data auditing and compliance is simply “built in”.


Business Rule Modeling

With Dataverse, developers can basically “draw” the business rules and relationships between tables (including if..then…else logic) and then extract the benefits throughout the rest of the Power Platform (Automate, Apps, BI, etc.) to inherit and impose those rules without repeated hand-rolled custom validation and rule writing.  The development reduction and increased consistency in business function from this architecture throughout IT Service construction was immense.

"Wow - this is fantastic! Thanks so much. You’ve clearly dealt with SOX requirements before!"

Dan Kavanagh

VP of IT Applications

Behind The Curtain

Core Technology

Power automate software

Power Automate

Provides logic, process flow and “behind the scenes” operations for cloud-based business solutions.  Flows combine low-code with the power of connected applications.


Provides a robust data storehouse and query platform to store all enterprise data, marshal data for integration and provide a SOX-compliant data auditing system

Power apps software

Power Apps

A Canvas Power App provides the employee interface to submit requests while a set of Model-driven Power Apps provide the operations for IT staff and system administrators

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