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Minor League Baseball Builds a Digital Dugout

Minor League Baseball’s Digital Dugout integrates enterprise data and the Microsoft cloud to deliver a slick interface that even works in the dugout

The Overview

The Digital Dugout system is a web-based system used by Minor League Baseball (MiLB) to streamline management and sharing of information throughout the MiLB organization. MiLB staff, clubs and partners access the system with their secure credentials from a desktop, tablet or phone (literally in the dugout) to view and edit club, personnel and league information.

  • Client

    Minor League Baseball

  • Industry

    Entertainment Industry

  • Technology

    .NET, App Development, Azure, React, SQL Server




Minor League Baseball was in need of an information system to enable central office staff to manage club personnel information, surface that information to each club and league in their system and enable dispersed club and league staff to update contact and assignments information. Currently MiLB utilizes two different legacy systems: an Access Database and an Exchange Global Address List. The Digital Dugout will be aimed at helping MiLB start using some basic information sharing to replace existing systems used by MiLB to manage information.




The Digital Dugout MVP will include identity and access management planning needed for future external access management along with the elimination of the existing Intranet Log-in Manager system. The Digital Dugout MVP will be a fully functional solution that can be put to immediate use to address some of MiLB’s needs. Office 365 integration to have a universal storehouse of contact information across all of Minor League Baseball in the cloud.




Mercury built MiLB a system that works top notch on desktop, tablet and phone to enable office and team staff to view and manage league, club and personnel data. The Digital Dugout MVP will serve as a platform that can built upon to meet additional known MiLB information sharing and collaboration needs.

Dig In

App Features

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The Digital Dugout coalesces and surfaces an abundance of Minor League Baseball from league to club to individual staff. Prior to the Digital Dugout this information was either spread across multiple locations or stored in a central location that was accessible to only a small number of constituents. With the Digital Dugout, all participants in a range of minor leagues can access and update MiLB-wide data.

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The Digital Dugout automates the hard work of updating league-wide contact and club data all the way down to individual staff contact information. The central repository of the Digital Dugout is backed by Exchange in the cloud that makes this information available across Microsoft applications like Outlook AND the Digital Dugout on phone, tablet and desktop.

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One of the wonderful things about Minor League Baseball is the far-reaching geographies it covers across the United States. That also means that very few MiLB stakeholders share a network or physical location and also has a dispersed set of IT environments for each club. The Digital Dugout lives in the cloud and empowers all club and league staff to access the key league data, make updates and consumption from anywhere in the world.

"Mercury’s ability to conceptualize and build out an application that meets our needs was outstanding. Also, the final production enhancements were really above and beyond!"

Rob Colamarino

IT Director, Minor League Baseball

Behind The Curtain

Core Technology

React framework


The React JavaScript framework provides the UI base for the entire system, providing rapid and smooth data fetching, storage and screen painting. React drives the key SPA data management screens including Clubs, Leagues and People.

Dot net framework - Services

.NET Framework

C# and Entity Framework were used to implement the system’s server-side framework for API endpoints including secure interchange, serverless execution and is coupled with OpenAPI/Swagger for service tier documentation.

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SQL Server

Provides a robust data storehouse and query platform to store all enterprise data, marshal data for integration and provide a source to the app’s API tier. In-cloud SQL Server was used to provide instant scalability and rapid querying.

Microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure

Provides database storage, web app, authentication and web services. Azure provides an ideal solution for back end mobile applications with a multi-data center Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution that requires extremely little oversight.

Azure active directory security

Active Directory

Powers cloud-based authentication and authorization layer for the Digital Dugout. User-facing code bases implement Microsoft’s ADAL JavaScript package for user and API security.