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A Digital Field App For A Highly Mobile Workforce

Mobile application for field agents to ensure effectiveness and customer satisfaction

The Overview

Coca-Cola Beverages Florida distributes Coca-Cola beverages of every type to thirsty and loyal customers throughout Florida. With sales and distribution servicing tens of thousands of retail locations, Coke Florida wanted to arm their field staff with a mobile application to ensure they were putting their customers first. Within one week of launching the Shine app, over 99% of field staff had installed the app on their iPhone or Android work phones and submitted over 8,000 responses. With this new digital field app, management is now able to closely monitor compliance with promotional campaigns and call out the need for greater field forces to boost sales and operate in the field more efficiently.

  • Client

    Coca-Cola Beverages Florida

  • Industry

    Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Technology

    .NET, Azure, React, SQL Server




Make sure that Coca-Cola promotional programs are being executed in full across the entire state. All joint promotional campaigns in every partner retailer outlet including every Publix store, 7-Eleven outlets, and WalMart store need to have timely point of sale materials and informed store managers.




Sample all customer outlets once a month to make sure programs are being executed to maximize return on promotional investment and guarantee retailer satisfaction and loyalty. Arm field staff with mobile digital tools to make this feasible – with centralized management and reporting.




An iPhone and Android application for every account manager throughout Florida to view their outlets and submit execution details on all in-flight promotional programs. Company leadership provided a real-time information dashboard on all activity and execution details.

Dig In

App Features

Whiteboard planning



Mercury collaborated with Coca-Cola to brainstorm potential solutions, key features and form factors for a solution that would provide the results the company needed. Next, we took our initial whiteboard sketches and developed key wireframes and quick prototypes to both iron out details and ensure our shared understanding.



With a solid vision and prototypes in hand, Mercury commenced to planning construction. To provide an application with the required fidelity and phone features, Shine product owners decided to construct both an iPhone app and an Android app in Xcode and Android Studio, respectively. Azure was selected for cloud-based services and storage.

Team collaboration


Preparing to Scrum

We finished out “Sprint 0” activities by forming a cross-functional Scrum team, wrote Agile project epics and authored initial user stories with acceptance criteria. We implemented Agile tracking and management with Visual Studio Team Services as well as automated build and release tooling for continuous deployment.

CCBF Shine app admin control snap


Admin Control

Coca-Cola Beverages Florida management can add or edit Shine input opportunities using a browser at any time with no coding. Management staff can build surveys with combinations of UI elements ranging from a text inputs to radio buttons to dropdowns. Furthermore, each survey can be finely targeted at the appropriate retailer and outlet corresponding to each promotional campaign.

As field staff provides input using the Shine app, management can view and download results in real-time along with Excel output for offline analysis. Return on promotional investment is evaluated in a complete loop from program initiation to field execution to monitoring and through to result analysis.

Behind The Curtain

Core Technology

X code development language


For iPhone app construction using native Swift and Cocoa coding. Full native Xcode development provides a high level of fidelity; proximity notification and mapping are two key capabilities the Shine app needed to optimize.

Android studio software

Android Studio

For native Android development in Google’s Android Studio IDE. Again full native and bypassing development options such as Cordova was the right route to provide Coca-Cola Beverages Florida field staff with the app experience they were looking for.


AngularJS was coupled with .NET for admin and reporting single page app (SPA) suite. The rich SPA enabled rapid addition, editing and sunsetting of Shine route surveys as well as reporting (with Excel download) of real-time data as it came in from the field.

Microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure

Provides database storage, web app, authentication and web services. Azure provides an ideal solution for back end mobile applications with a multi-data center Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution that requires extremely little oversight.