One Event and One Second Changes Everything

On November 30, 2013 I watched the Auburn game.  Alabama had to win for it to be their game.  The game ended on a spectacular 57-yard missed field goal attempt landing in the arms of Chris Davis of Auburn standing 9 yards deep in the end zone.  It was the one where Chris Davis thought to run out of the end zone and 100 yards for a touchdown.

Chris Davis will forever be on a football highlight reel.  Chris Davis will forever have his moment etched in history for all to see.  Every mention of the Iron Bowl will have the 2013 Auburn last second runback.

With one second on the clock and one failure to perform a given task, everything changed.  In one second, it would have been a tie going into overtime.  That might even be like a project ending on time and on budget.

Information Technology projects have similar risks.  We execute our game plan.  We follow our playbook.  We have prepared for this opponent.  Talented players fill every position.  Our team has experience.  We call plays based on current circumstance and pre-determined situations.  Just protect the ball – uh, project.

One event can change everything.  One second can unravel weeks of hard work and preparation put into the project.  Think about your next action.  Think about possible outcomes.  Don’t let failure to mitigate one risk destroying your project.  Don’t suffer from analysis paralysis however, be productively paranoid.

More importantly, don’t miss the opportunity to be like Chris Davis.  Be ready when it is your opportunity to shine.  Be in the right place.  Have the ability to catch the ball.  Have the stamina to sprint the distance of the field.  Dodge your way through the traffic of people trying to bring you down.  Score the game winning touchdown for your team.

When it is over, remember to take the time to celebrate.

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