Email Marketing Proves To Be Valuable Marketing Investment in Tough Economy

“When times are good you should advertise.  When times are bad, you must advertise.”  This phrase hits home for many of our clients.  A great number of companies face both diminished budgets and an increased need to market in order to improve revenue stream.  Many firms have found the answer in turning to digital marketing outlets, thereby maintaining or increasing the audience they reach with a low cost per touch.  In the survey “2009 Media Survey Results %26 Analysis”, senior executives revealed that their marketing budgets would be largely turning digital, while cutting spending in traditional outlets such as print and television. (Source

As demonstrated in the chart above, email marketing was the clear investment of choice for marketing dollars.  A good email marketing campaign is an inexpensive way to reach hundreds or thousands of prospects at once.  According to research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing generated an ROI of $48.34 for every dollar spent on it in 2007. The expected figure for 2008 is $45.06, and the prediction for 2009 is $43.52.  The research determined that email marketing outperforms all the other direct marketing channels examined.  An additional advantage of email marketing is that it allows you to easily cross sell and repeat sell to your existing customers.  Marketing to existing customers is highly efficient because you then skip the expensive process of locating and educating prospects.

To assist our customers with implementing successful email marketing initiatives Mercury New Media has developed Campaign Manager, an email marketing system which integrates seamlessly with the Silverware application.  Campaign Manager allows you to run multiple “campaigns”, or email initiatives, as well as multiple subscriber lists.  The HTML emails are designed according to your company branding by Mercury New Media, allowing you to simply type the text you would like to send out.  All emails are equipped with simple one-click unsubscribe options in compliance with anti-spam laws.  Backend reporting allows you to view reports regarding the delivery rates, open rates, click-through paths and more.  To learn more about how Campaign Manager can boost your marketing effectiveness, contact your Mercury New Media Relationship Manager.


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