Mercury’s Chris Karlo Quoted at Tech Roundtable Discussion Held by the Tampa Bay Business Journal

Alexis Muellner asks the tech panel to address the current technology ecosystem and key issues they face for growth in the near term? He captures there responses in the article, “Talent pool, office environments and inventory of expandable space dominate tech talk”.

Panelist Chris Karlo states, “One of the key challenges for growth for us is talent – finding people that can help us grow. We’re looking to grow some of our service line offerings and take advantage of opportunities to not just do business here in Tampa Bay but across the country through some of our partner relationships. We opened up a small office out in Arizona earlier this year to get us a west coast presence.”

“But the challenge in either one of those environments is having the talent and motivated workforce in place to help us achieve what we’re looking to do, and a lot of that isn’t necessarily technical components so much as the people, and understanding what businesses are looking to do. We want to be able to help bridge the gap between client needs and the technological opportunity, and then execute.”

To see what the other panelists responses were see the full article on the TBBJ website.

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