MercuryWorks Selected as Finalist for Tampa Bay Tech Awards Technology Project of the Year

MercuryWorks was recently recognized by  Tampa Bay Tech as a finalist for Technology Project of the Year in the 15th Annual Tampa Bay Tech Awards.  The  Tampa Bay Tech Awards recognizes industry leaders and innovative work that drives an impact.  The Technology Project of the Year recognizes a technology project developed and lead by an in-house team in Tampa Bay that created regional, national and/or international impact through industry disruption or a transformative effect within the organization.  Mercury was selected as a finalist amid strong competition from numerous worthy nominees.  The Mercury project work recognized was for creation of the new collaboration platform for Coca-Cola Business Services North America.

Coca-Cola Business Services North America (“BSNA”) is a multi-function business services organization that  provides services including: Finance, Human Resources, Contact Center and more to Coca-Cola bottlers throughout North America.  Historically a business unit within Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola moved to restructure BSNA as an independent unit and associated technology infrastructure.  Unencumbered by legacy systems, this fresh start allowed BSNA and MercuryWorks to envision what the shared services platform of the future should look like and set out to become the best shared services organization in the world.  MercuryWorks partnered with BSNA to map out their technology platform to effectively communicate and collaborate across their enterprise and deliver superior customer service to their bottling clients.

Using a combination of proven leading technologies and industry solutions, Mercury collaborated with BSNA and Coca-Cola business and technology leaders to design and develop an integrated technology and engagement platform.  This modernized platform touches nearly every facet of BSNA’s business from their clients’ warehouse and delivery trucks to their own highly distributed workforce.

The resulting platform is comprised of a system of interrelated and connected collaboration platforms, extranets, applications, mobile apps, line-of-business apps and databases.  The new platform forms an integrated whole that shares components and information internally, with enterprise BSNA applications and systems managed by Coca-Cola. The platform was built to scale vertically and horizontally as BSNA expands its client base and service offerings.  In addition, the service-oriented architecture allows for the development and integration of new applications and processes aimed at improving BSNA’s efficiency and effectiveness in serving its clients.

MercuryWorks has been a superb partner that has been an integral part of enabling Coca-Cola Business Services North America in its transformation to become a Modernized Cloud only environment. MercuryWorks truly understands the Cloud concept and in combination with their DevOps & Agile approach is making a significant difference. Modernizing Coca-Cola Business Services North America has allowed us to begin delivering Services to our Business at a speed not possible in the past with the help of MercuryWorks.”

Mark Dunkerley, Sr. Manager, IT Architecture and Systems, Coca-Cola Business Services North America, LLC


Technologies leveraged by Mercury in the development of the new BSNA platform include:  Office 365, Azure Cloud PaaS, Azure Bot Framework, Microsoft Modern Identity, SharePoint Online, Teams, Power BI, Power Apps, Continuous Deployment, .NET Core, React, React Native, iOS, Android and more.

The mission-critical system helps BSNA better serve its bottling customers, that touch hundreds of thousands of customers throughout North America and allows millions of consumers to Taste the Feeling of Coca-Cola daily.

While we did not win the competition, we were proudly represented by MercuryWorks team members at the awards ceremony.

“It is immensely gratifying to be selected as a finalist by Tampa Bay Tech for Mercury’s work with Coke BSNA.  The completeness of the cloud-centered technologies, enterprise patterns and Agile practices in BSNA’s vision, coupled with our collaborative development brought true velocity and robustness to the final platform.  I look forward to our continued relationship with BSNA – we already have an impressive slate of goals and extensive product roadmap for 2019!”

Donald Bickel, Partner, MercuryWorks


Additional coverage regarding the competition can be found here.

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