Qzar Team Event

The Mercury New Media participated in their annual team event Thursday October 17, 2013.  This event provides the team a chance to get away from the computer and have a little fun while working on their teamwork.  This year’s event was held at Qzar Laser Tag Xtreme Fun Center in Tampa.  This was one of our most successful and memorable events and after three competitive games of laser tag everyone left exhausted and full of memories.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this year’s event so successful!

  • A.J. “Your base is mine” Kiefner
  • Jose “Not in my house” Gomez
  • Don “Base blocking” Bickel
  • Brian “Sneak attack” Renew
  • Melissa “The two of us will take you out” Miller
  • Whitney “Ninja girl” Gainer
  • Sherri “I will snipe you” Beeman
  • Nick “I love an excuse to wear black” Dorrough
  • Jamie “A bloody lip never stopped me before” Kiefner
  • Daniel “I’ve got your back” Sorrentino
  • Chris “I need to get to the gym more” Karlo

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