Remaining Consistent with Your Brand Online

Your brand is the essence of your organization.  Your brand can create quick recognition, generate loyalty create demand for your products and services and attract new clients when it is used consistently.

Inconsistency with brand presentation causes confusion and the appearance of a lack of attention to detail within an organization.  In many cases, branding that is unified throughout your business cards and print materials falls short when presented on your website, email newsletters and social media applications.  Your website is the single most visible presentation of your company, so the importance of your brand presence cannot be understated.

Mercury New Media understands that each appearance of your logo and slogan needs attention to the specific Pantone colors, fonts, margins and size relationships.  Each website is designed to complement the client’s logo and match the branding color scheme.  Every newsletter template we design and social media implementation we develop for our clients uses established design principles to help further brand recognition and user experience in your audience.

Should your firm not yet have an established brand, our experienced team can work with you to both design and establish your brand.  Mercury New Media has designed attention grabbing logos for a number of satisfied clients and provides all original design files so that the artwork will be consistently represented in all other marketing materials.

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