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Power Platform Release Automation with Azure DevOps featured post

Power Platform Release Automation with Azure DevOps

This post is a combined effort of Susan Bell and Brenan GreenwoodTubbs, combining skills in Azure DevOps and Power Platform, respectively Even as recently as a year ago, the release of Power Platform solutions has been a highly manual affair – it did not rely on any of the DevOps best practices we established for […]

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A Dive Into Dataverse Business Rules featured post

A Dive Into Dataverse Business Rules

Microsoft Dataverse rise to prominence comes at a time when businesses are generating and collecting vast amounts of data from various sources, including customer interactions, IoT devices and social media.  This data growth highlighted the need for structured data storage and management solutions.  Started in 2016 as The Common Data Service, the platform was introduced […]

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What is the Microsoft Dataverse? featured post

What is the Microsoft Dataverse?

Dataverse is one of Microsoft’s newer data storage and management platforms. The data backbone for Power Platform storing data in a scalable and secure environment that drives robust model-driven Power Apps.

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No-Code, Low-Code, Pro-Code featured post

No-Code, Low-Code, Pro-Code

The future of software development no longer consists of strictly labor-intensive conventional coding. The addition of no-/low-code software development has created a spectrum of options that can be used to drive efficiency and meet the needs of your users.

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Collaborate Directly in Microsoft Teams featured post

Collaborate Directly in Microsoft Teams

Many organizations rely on SharePoint as a collaboration and secure file storage platform. Great news – SharePoint is highly integrated into Microsoft Teams. From your channel in teams you can click the Files tab to share files via SharePoint or access SharePoint files already shared to your channel(s). Team members can easily collaborate on files shared to a channel using Office Online or an Office desktop app.

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How MercuryWorks Works Remotely featured post

How MercuryWorks Works Remotely

Like so many businesses, MercuryWorks has put great energy into grappling with the impacts of COVID-19 shelter-in-place/stay-at-home orders. We needed to quickly and smoothly shift all employees to working from home. This brought work lifestyle changes to the forefront. This post is intended to highlight some of the moves, tools and techniques we implemented to work completely remotely.

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